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Regular NCP clientele have the opportunity to commission a dedicated, private online store hosting pre-approved print collateral for easy reorder. This service has been a game-changer for clients that require frequent reprints, manage multiple locations and/or have changing staff.

Powered by integr8ed, our customised storefronts can host an unlimited number of approved creative assets, protected by unique team member logins for access. In addition to hosting static art, our platform supports online editing of easily templated art such as business cards, menus, flyers and more. This means management and marketing teams can guarantee brand adherence, while allowing other team members to edit assets as required, to meet their specific needs. It also means our clients do not need to engage a designer every time they have minor amendments to an existing design template.

From a buying perspective, our online portal also enables clients to check print prices on a number of predetermined quantities quickly, rather than relying on traditional quote requests via email. Essentially this just means more time in your day to get on with the tasks that matter.

Our top tip for easy online ordering?

Jamie says: “To easily establish a new storefront, every time you send us a new item to print, we can simply load it on. Before you know it you’ll have a library full of approved design assets ready to use.”

Home / ServicesAsset Management